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Nearly all RAPID members agree: The annual investment in membership to RAPID is usually paid back numerous times during the course of the year. Members may experience varying results – based on how fully they integrate the benefits of RAPID into their daily selling/purchasing activities. However, the following success stories – contributed by members – demonstrate the significant returns on investment from a RAPID membership.
Shortening Outages
“The V.C. Summer Station is a great user of RAPID. In an outage-related atmosphere, RAPID helps to ease tension by giving us confidence that materials can be found if needed, and RAPID does that without our having to commit funds to purchase items that may not be required.” Mike Agnitcsh, Materials & Procurement
- South Carolina Electric & Gas Co.
Shortening Outages
Material Controller: “I was able to find pulverizer parts from two utilities at opposite ends of the country. From these buys, we were able to return equipment to service at least 48 hours earlier, saving significant dollars in generating hours.”
Shortening Outages
“2011 Duke Oconee Case History”
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Materials Management Inventory Control:
We just started using RAPID rather heavily the last year or so. It was kind of a job getting our upper management to buy into this program, but after a few successes, they really love it. In May one of our large power plants was about to go down due to a low voltage bushing. We didn’t stock them, but through RAPID we located the needed bushings that same day. Boy management are all believers now. It got me a personal invitation to lunch with our VP and all I did was send out an E-mail and do a search. It sure looks good when you get a personal thank you.”
Shortening Outages
“The new world record for 3-loop PWR (Westinghouse) refueling outage of 23 days at Surry Power Station was possible because of weekend dependency on RAPID, especially Easter weekend when we were able to get a lower molding assembly for an ABB Breaker and a Rosemount transmitter for RC High-temperature indication.”
- Mark Pellegrino, Supervisor, Electrical Team, Dominion Electric