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29th Annual RAPID Technical Conference and Exhibit

RAPID is a virtual inventory platform used to locate, buy and sell spare parts and equipment.

The RAPID virtual inventory system has been in use for three decades by the power generation industry as a tool to locate vital parts and equipment in both emergencies and for routine purchases. RAPID subscribers upload their inventory on a frequent basis allowing all users to locate what they need and contact the owners. In addition to helping facilities in need of a part, RAPID also helps subscribers reduce inventory levels, sell surplus inventory, and also helps connect buyers to the suppliers of the needed parts and equipment.

RAPID’s powerful search engine is optimized to help facilities locate needed parts and equipment and filter results based on the types of information pertinent to power generation facilities. Curtiss-Wright understand the nature of utility data and the fact that the same part number may exist in multiple formats. The RAPID search engine compensates for this by searching for part numbers in multiple formats to maximize the search results, then provides filters to help users refine those search results.

The RAPID platform also helps the industry solve the challenges related to obsolescence by listing thousands of obsolete items and sharing the solutions for these items.

Whether you need a part in an emergency, need a part that is difficult to obtain, or need to sell parts, what you need is RAPID.

To learn more about how RAPID can help your organization buy or sell parts and equipment, contact David Palmer, Manager, Supply Chain Solutions at:

1350 Whitewater Drive, Idaho Falls, ID 83402
T: 269.876.0400

If you experience any difficulty logging in to RAPID, please send an e-mail to customers@rapidpartsmart.com

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